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Lily's gossip column 2010
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Name: Peter Mitchell
Date: 14 Oct 2010 10:00
From: halifax, west yorkshire, UK
How good it is to have come across this site! It brings back memories - and at our age we're fairly memory-selective - we only remember the good ones! The 60's: beats and beatniks, then mods and music. Great times - great Places: Upper George; Plebs; Clarries; Cellar 44; Brewer's Cellar; the Vic Lounge. Great times - great Mates: Paul Manley;Taff;Alan Jones;Harry;John Bayliss;Glyn Thomas;Stan Greenroyd;Abe;Mick Ripley;Quizzy;Howard Pilling;to name but a few....anybody still out there?
Get in would be great to hear from you...

Date: 10 May 2010 13:19
I remember talking to robert palmer and the rest of the group (vinegar joe)in the upper george beforethey played at clarrys and also trippig up ian drury over my outstretched foot in the same pubI said sorry mate and he replied no prob has picked himself of the floor and then I noticed he had calipers on his leg and I felted awful I also had my nose broken by some knob head has I left one saturday thankfully i was well pissed I did nt feel it until I woke up next day but they were great times with great bands and memories
Name: Rob Lloyd
Date: 30 Apr 2010 13:12
From: Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK
Great to know the club has been remembered. I went to it most weekends between 1970 to 1980 with a break inbetween during the punk period when the floor nearly caved in every weekend! I saw bands like Roxy Music who had just started gigging and they had just done Lincoln Rock festival which I went to. Eno and the band talked and drank with the audience after an amazing gig. Clarences was that sort of place then, where bands mixed easily with the crowd for a beer. I remember also GONG squatting in Paul Mountain's pad for a week or more and he had to move out!
Bands like Alex Harvey used to only get about half a dozen people come and see Alex jumping around in his gorilla suit. Clarences really was a great place for bands to learn their trade, while we got to see alot of these talented guys for only a few quid.
Name: Tim Hardcastle
Date: 26 Apr 2010 19:05
From: 'Fax, gods own county, eng
great stuff !!!! have been waiting for ages for a site like this, but not had the wherewithall to set it up myself. Am one of the punk era regulars, but sadly stopped going just before the club closed for ever. remember a few gigs, Lurkers, uk subs etc, but there were so many that band names escape me. have been involved with Phoenix FM's attempts to get some nostalgia programmes about the Mood together.listen to whats been done so far...... contact Sara at the station if you fancy getting involved !!
Date: 16 Apr 2010 10:46
From: halifax, west yorksenglend, englend
iwas known as cosmic karen at clarences in the seveties i saw some greaf bends up there is was the besf friday and saturday night out ever theres no good rock clubs anymore in halifax the town is full of morons who want to go cause trouble bring beck clarences and the mood hi to rit dave knight cosmic reply by my email adress thanks karen.
Name: Tony Sharpe
Date: 25 Feb 2010 23:37
From: Halifax
I don't know if I missed the listing, but didn't Chilliwack appear at Clarry's. I know I've seen them somewhere. I was working on the night that Roxy Music played, and used to have their lighting sequence scribbled down, but that's long gone. Be worth a bomb now. I'm still in touch with Dave Knight (Rit) and John Wharton. If any of you old farts want to get together sometime, email me, or come and see me at Shibden Hall.
Name: Philip Sandells
Date: 24 Feb 2010 23:33
I remember The Mood night club. I was the last DJ and worked both the Friday and Saturday night, with the occasional Thursday if Paul required.

The night was very sad, all the regulars stayed behind and we finished of what was left of the alcohol!

The last record I played was the traditional closing song Every time we say goodbye by Ella Fitzgerald.

Bands I remember playing there were UHB (Ultimate Hyper Band) a local Halifax band. Salford Jets and The Mo-Dettes.

The bouncers at the club were Baz, Barry (whose wife made the best chips in
town) and Cedric. We had a regular called 'Mad' Eddie who would always
be asking for Echo Beech by Martha and the Muffins.

Great nights, great club, there will never be another like it.

Keep up the good work. Has anyone been able to contact Paul?
Name: Dave Knight (Rit)
Date: 04 Feb 2010 21:35
Yes, I too was there at the Roxy gig, - absolutely fantastic – never seen anything like it before.
The following is a review by Bill Ashford, printed on the programme notes when Roxy supported Alice Cooper 30th June 1972 ( the night before appearing at Clarrys) – just sums up exactly what I ( and probably everyone else there) saw myself:-

'I am there. I am in 1972. Look with me into the crystal. See what I see. Hear what I hear. I see five young men - no, six: there is another in the background but now he is coming forward. They call him Eno. His face is clear. He has long flowing silver hair. The faces of the other young men are distinct also. They are called Bryan Ferry and Andy Mackay. They are both very tall and thin - perhaps eight foot tall. They have been to the moon. The faces of the other three are less clear: they merge with the features of ... No, this one is distinct. They call him Paul Thompson. He is only three foot tall, unless ... Yes, he is seated. He is seated before a drum kit. The young man with the guitar and the enormous crystal eyes comes from another land, or perhaps another planet. He is called Phil Manzanera. He is not Nice. The last is called Rik Kenton. He holds a guitar, but it is making a sound like a very loud double bass.

Now I begin to hear more sounds. Bryan Ferry is playing a piano, but it has only a keyboard. It is making the sounds of a full symphony orchestra. Andy Mackay is playing a saxophone, it's tone magically changed and transmuted at will. That is the responsibility of Eno. He gathers the tonalities of space and time in an electrical machine. Now I see them all together. They have a name. They are called Roxy Music. They are on a stage somewhere in the North of London. It is June. There are 6,000 people watching them. They begin to play. I .. . . I ... feel a little faint, excuse me. It is beyond my powers to tell you of the music. It is so very ... . It comes from other times past and future of which I have no knowledge. You must excuse me. If I concentrate very hard, you will hear. Now you must listen. Listen .....
Name: Tony Sharpe
Date: 03 Feb 2010 16:06
From: Halifax, West Yorkshire
Hi Robert.
You certainly brought back some memories, although I don't remember being well dressed. John Bayliss was always well dressed, though. Usually in a three-piece pinstriped suit, which he bought at a jumble sale for sixpence. I used to play tracks from 'Yes' and their spin-off band 'Flash', and 'Tonto's Expanding Headband'. Also The Sutherland Brothers, who were just starting out, and were just so nice people. Contraband's drummer, Alec Baird, played the William Tell Overture on his head, and the tune appears on their album. (Still available). Check out their lead singer, Mae McKenna's solo stuff. Beautiful...
Name: Robert Higham
Date: 27 Jan 2010 18:24
Can't remember any exact dates:
My first visit was for Roxy music just before I was 18. They released Virginia Plain at the time and rose quickly to stardom. Eno has incorporated the sound of "waves crashing onto the beach" for the live show's Sea Breezes. Ihad their first album bought for my 18th.
My next visit I think was Fusion Orchestra, who complained about lumping all their gear up the stairs, had to have it done for them by Paul's willing staff.
The prog rock stuff were on 73-74. Peter Burke used to play Yes, Mike Oldfield and others on the top floor decks before the band appeared.
I should imagine the London pub Rock bands were 75-76 just before the punk exploision.
The arty bands probably in between, Deaf School were promoting 2nd Honeymoon, a fine album indeed.

My top 5 were Roxy Music, Fruupp, String Driven Thing, Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers and the best ever to appear Dr Feelgood.

I also remember Tony Sharpe turning out smartly dressed.
Name: Robert Higham
Date: 27 Jan 2010 18:23
KEVIN COYNE- around time of Marjorie Razor Blade Album
CONTRABAND- Scottish Folk. The drummer banged his fists on his head to the tune of something or other.
RICHARD DIGANCE-Englands gren and Pleasant Land just released
SUPERCHARGE- Funky Liverpool Sax
CHILLI WILLI and the RED HOT PEPPERS- Steel Slide Guitar and rattlesnake blues.
DEAF SCHOOL- Liverpool nouveau Art School Band with singer Bette Bright.
FRUUPP-Irish Prog Rockers promoting album Future Legends. Awesome Sound.
BRINSLEY SCHWARZ Surrender to the Rhythm (and we did)
MANFED MANN EARTHBAND (Deafening could be heard in Death Valley)
Reply from: David Paterson
Date: 27 Jan 2010 21:15
Hi Robert

Excellent stuff, many thanks. I'll add these to the gig list - shortly to be massively expanded. Do you have any dates for any of the gigs by any chance?

Kind regards
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