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Name: John Henfrey
Date: 29 Nov 2018 21:52
From: Birstall , West Yorkshire , England
Going for a pub tour in Halifax tomorrow, and was curious to find out what happened to Clarence’s
Anyway upon searching I came upon your site, I went to Clarence’s for what I believe was my 21st Birthday, the band that was appearing was a band called Sparks! Anyway a little later on I noticed a roadie taking the bands gear down.
I asked what was happening and apparently a roadie had stolen some wire from behind the bar, and so the band decided not to play, I have searched for Sparks, and the name didn’t crop up, the might not have played, but they did set fully up.
Name: Hubert Koscielski aka Kossy
Date: 06 Mar 2018 08:54
From: Filey, North Yorkshire
What memories this site brings back to me, after just visiting the Krumlin Pop Festival website. I remember that Festival very well !!
Used to go to Clarences every weekend along with mates from Crossley and Porter School. In fact met my wife there!
Weekend normally started in the Upper George (Richard was the manager at the time and Martin, who later took over the Coach and Horses up Boothtown Road, ran it). Then on to Clarences to see the bands before hitching lifts home.
Remember seeing most of the bands 1971-72. Roxy Music, I remember, had to play their set twice because they had such little material and they were all dressed the same as they are on the sleeve of their first LP.
One of my mates (Steven Ogilvy aka Oggers) was bought a drink by the lead of Pretty Things for trying to get some audience support going for them, nearly didn't turn out that way as the group thought at first he was heckling
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