Clarence's - 15-17 Crown Street, Halifax, West Yorkshire

Gig list 1971
Between 1967 and 1980 Clarence's, Paul Mountain's superb little club in Halifax, played host, in its various guises, to some of the finest and hardest working musicians in the country. Many of these are still recording and performing live gigs today.
The gig lists for these years provide a fascinating diary and insight into the changing musical tastes during the period. Blank dates will be filled in as more information comes to light. Dates and listings have been compiled using press adverts, contracts, Paul's personal notes and memories from many helpful contributors. Bands and artists may have cancelled, pulled out, or even disbanded at the last minute so the listings may not be completely accurate. Some roadies did actually turn up, took a look at the fire escape they had to haul the gear up to the second floor and simply drove away again. Luckily they were very much in the minority.

If you can help, even with any little snippets of detail, reviews, press cuttings, memorabilia or just memories please contact Lily.

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Advert for Clarence's - Duster Bennett, Stack Waddy, Groundhogs
Advert for Clarence's - Comus, Root 'n Jenny Jackson
Advert for Clarence's - Home, Danta, Southern Comfort, Barclay James Harvest, Brinsley Schwarz
Saturday 02/01/1971 Cochise
Saturday 09/01/1971 National Head Band
Saturday 16/01/1971 Comus
Saturday 23/01/1971 Cochise
Saturday 30/01/1971 Affinity (with Linda Hoyle)
Saturday 06/02/1971 Brinsley Schwarz
  Advertised as 'Brindley Scwartz'
Friday 12/02/1971 Supertramp
Saturday 13/02/1971 Skin Alley
Friday 19/02/1971 Disco Free before 10pm
Saturday 20/02/1971 Karakorum 30p before 10pm
  Drummer Martin Chambers later went on to play with the Pretenders
Friday 26/02/1971 Disco Free before 10pm
Saturday 27/02/1971 Barclay James Harvest
Saturday 06/03/1971 Kevin Ayers & the Whole World 40p before 10pm
Friday 12/03/1971 Disco Free before 10pm
Saturday 13/03/1971 Duster Bennett 40p before 10pm
Saturday 20/03/1971 Stack Waddy
Friday 26/03/1971 Disco Free before 10pm
Saturday 27/03/1971 Groundhogs 50p (10/-) before 10pm
  The 'Split' album cover has photos taken of the band at Krumlin festival. However, the gig may have been cancelled as Inferno, the booking agency, was no longer trading.
Saturday 03/04/1971
Wednesday 07/04/1971 Audience 65p
  Rag Dance.
Saturday 10/04/1971 Brinsley Schwarz
  Easter Saturday
Saturday 17/04/1971 Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come
Saturday 24/04/1971 Heads, Hands & Feet
  Albert Lee on guitar and Chas of Chas & Dave on bass guitar and backing vocals
Saturday 01/05/1971 Warhorse
Saturday 08/05/1971 Genesis
Saturday 15/05/1971 Karakorum
Saturday 22/05/1971 Medicine Head
  One member had his top hat nicked while at the gig. It subsequently ended up on the head of John Bayliss, the resident downstairs DJ at the time.
Saturday 29/05/1971 Gringo
Saturday 05/06/1971 Barclay James Harvest
Saturday 12/06/1971 Universe
Saturday 19/06/1971 Terry Reid
Saturday 26/06/1971 Formerly Fat Harry
Sunday 27/06/1971 Disco Girls free before 10pm
  First of the reintroduced Sunday discos
Friday 02/07/1971 Disco 25p or free before 10pm
Saturday 03/07/1971 Quatermass
Sunday 04/07/1971 Disco Free for girls before 9pm
Saturday 10/07/1971 Prog disco
Saturday 17/07/1971 Prog disco
Saturday 24/07/1971 Comus
  On stage 9pm
Saturday 31/07/1971 Root 'n' Jenny Jackson/Victor Brox
Saturday 07/08/1971 Medicine Head
Saturday 14/08/1971 Audience
Saturday 21/08/1971 Stackridge
Saturday 28/08/1971 Danta
Saturday 04/09/1971 Southern Comfort
Saturday 11/09/1971 Barclay James Harvest
Saturday 18/09/1971 Brinsley Schwarz
Saturday 25/09/1971 Lindisfarne
Saturday 02/10/1971 Duster Bennett
Saturday 09/10/1971 Good Habit
Saturday 16/10/1971 Status Quo
  Advertised as 'Up the Dustpipe'.
Sunday 17/10/1971 Disco 25p - Free for girls before 9pm
  From 8pm
Wednesday 20/10/1971 Gypsy/The John Bull Puncture Repair Kit 50p
  Mind/Youth Action Halifax present A Carnival at Clarence's - 7:30 pm
Saturday 23/10/1971 Chicken Shack 50p before 10pm
Saturday 30/10/1971 Danta 50p before 10pm
Sunday 31/10/1971 Disco Free for girls before 9pm
Saturday 06/11/1971 Heads Hands & Feet
Friday 12/11/1971 Scarecrow?
Saturday 13/11/1971 Bronco
Saturday 20/11/1971 Bullet
Saturday 27/11/1971 Mark-Almond
Thursday 02/12/1971 Nazareth
Saturday 04/12/1971
Saturday 11/12/1971 Peace
Thursday 16/12/1971 Manfred Mann
Saturday 18/12/1971 Audience
Friday 24/12/1971 Good Habit
Sunday 26/12/1971
Monday 27/12/1971 Juicy Lucy
Friday 31/12/1971

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1971 Gig list for Clarence's, Good Mood and The Mood club in Halifax West Yorkshire.